Update to React Webpack Sample

So I’m starting a new project and decided to use my React Webpack boilerplate as a starting point. The first thing I realized was that my node modules were really behind. So I did what every JS developer does and upgraded everything – and then everything broke (which is exactly what happens to everyone). Anyways, the big updates include upgrading React (didn’t make the jump to v15.0 yet) to v0.14.8, upgraded Redux to v3.3, upgraded React Router to v2.0, switched from redux-simple-router to react-router-redux and other smaller upgrades like upgrading lodash to v4.0 and upgrading babel to the latest versions. Most things worked, some of the Redux and React Router syntax had changed and required updates and server side/universal rendering broke and had to be fixed. But overall, got it to work and also started converting components to ES6 classes. So lots of improvements and even started working on my new project – more on that to come. Anyways, as we know that JS changes on a weekly basis, I’m trying to keep up, so here’s the latest and greatest.