Meta Quest Update Boosts Performance

Meta Quest Pro

From the blog announcement:

We promised you a performance upgrade, and now we’re delivering. With v55, we’re updating the Quest 2 and Pro GPU and CPU. Both headsets should see an up-to 26% CPU performance increase, while you can expect an up-to 19% GPU speed increase for Quest 2 and 11% GPU speed increase for Quest Pro. As developers take advantage of these changes, look out for smoother gameplay, a more responsive UI, and richer content on both headsets. And we’re enabling Dynamic Resolution Scaling for both Quest 2 and Pro, so games and apps can take advantage of increased pixel density without dropping frames.

Make sure to update your headset to get the latest update so you can get the performance boost as soon as possible. According to folks on Reddit, most have gotten the update in the US but internationally, it’s still being rolled out.