React Native for Windows Desktop/Tablet/Mobile

React + Microsoft

Microsoft announced support for React Native on the Universal Windows Platform at Facebook’s F8 2016. And while this is interesting, it’s not very applicable to me at this point. I just checked and currently this is just a fork and I don’t know if/when it will be merged back into master. This isn’t too surprising considering the recent announcement that Visual Studio would support React Native. Back when I was doing .NET development, Visual Studio was a nice IDE (but I’m much happier on a Mac over Windows). There were also some interesting comments regarding how React is becoming the next Qt that will finally deliver on the promise to provide cross-platform support. Well, technically, it will give you a solution that let’s you “learn once, write everywhere” but not the holy grail of “write once, run everywhere”. In any case, I like seeing React continue to grow and evolve – I not only get to use it in more places (mobile, desktop, web, maybe embedded and/or wearables one day), I also get to talk to more people about it because everyone is using it (but in different ways). So I will continue to support Facebook’s world domination and the continued proliferation of React.