Facebook Releases React v15.0


So the day has finally come and React v15.0 is being released. I talked about this before when the announcement to go from v0.14 to v15.0 was made. It’s been less than 2 months since the announcement was made and here we are. And this isn’t just a version bump announcement, there’s a bunch of updates – unfortunately, some breaking. Here’s the “warning” on upgrading and what to consider:

As usual with major releases, React 15 will remove support for some of the patterns deprecated nine months ago in React 0.14. We know changes can be painful (the Facebook codebase has over 20,000 React components, and that’s not even counting React Native), so we always try to make changes gradually in order to minimize the pain.

If your code is free of warnings when running under React 0.14, upgrading should be easy. The bulk of changes in this release are actually behind the scenes, impacting the way that React interacts with the DOM. The other substantial change is that React now supports the full range of SVG elements and attributes. Beyond that we have a large number of incremental improvements and additional warnings aimed to aid developers. We’ve also laid some groundwork in the core to bring you some new capabilities in future releases.

The full announcement with all the updates, fixes and breaking changes can be found here. I just checked and it appears that v15.0 is now available on NPM. I just started a new project last night, so I’m torn if I should make the jump to v15.0 or if I should continue to use v0.14 and let v15.0 stabilize. I think while I’m trying to get the barebones working, I’ll stick to v0.14 and I’ll upgrade to v15.0 before I release the app. Good luck upgrading everyone.