React Native v0.23.0 Released

Android iOS

A new version of React Native is now available. New features include:

  • Add ability to silence packager logs to stdout – d5445d5
  • Add the possibility to console.error/redbox on promise rejections – f87b673
  • Add more performance logs and improve Systrace support – f6853b8
  • Initial implementation of the Navigator with NavigationExperimental. – fa5783e
  • <Incremental> for incremental rendering – f21da3a
  • Add ability to specify custom left, right components, and title component inNavigationExperimental‘s NavigationHeader. Style the NavigationHeader according to the Platform – 720c76f (Breaking)

I am pretty impressed by the frequency of releases – v0.22.0 was released 17 days ago. So in a little over 2 weeks, 91 contributors made/reviewed/tested 234 commits. Also really happy to see a number of new features and fixes for both Android and iOS – both platforms are continuing to get love and evolve. While I haven’t spent as much time working with RN lately, I know that when I go back to working with RN, there’s going to be a lot of improvements for iOS and Android will be stable and have a lot of examples and support from the community.