React Native v0.25.1 Released

It’s been a little quiet lately, so this little gem caught my attention. Looks like we have another “major” (yes, I know it’s a minor version bump but since we’re not at v1.0 yet, I consider this a major update) release from the React Native team. React Native v0.25.1 looks like a nice bump in features for both Android and iOS. Here are the general updates:

New features

  • Add support for JavaScript third-party debuggers – 4c8a9f0
  • Add key to footer wrapper in WindowedListView – 58db9f3
  • Add support for missing XHR response types – fcc89e9
  • Add a way to prefetch remote images to cache with Image.prefetch – f7bcb3e
  • Add transform-es2015-function-name to the react-native babel preset – 855c0cc
  • Add instructions to reload simulator for non-QWERTY keyboards – c417c2e
  • Add support for ontimeout and onerror handler when using XMLHttpRequest for Android and iOS –d09cd62

Bug fixes

  • Add null check before accessing the refresh control ref – eac617d
  • Fix HMR on Windows – c61100d
  • Fix up PanResponder example – 05a852a
  • Fix an issue when the title in NavigationExperimentalHeader would block touches for the left component – 86d5c52
  • Fixed images required from node_modules – d0566d8
  • Fix an edge case in hot module reloading – 41576ea
  • Fix warnings in UIExplorer example pages – 528cf68
  • Fix perf tab missing key warnings – b7a3272
  • Fix swiping in navigator too quickly causes the gesture to be lost – ca2fb70
  • Fix border radius / background propagation issues in TicTacToe example – 97f60ad
  • Fix race conditions in Portal when simultaneously closing/opening – 7354ff3
  • Fix ImageEditingManager when no external cache – fffcb9c
  • Fix RefreshControl refreshing state – 93b39b7

I hate to say that I am woefully behind in terms of updating my React Native projects. I’m somewhere in the v0.18 range. I have been doing more React web lately. As much as I enjoy doing mobile development, there is something infinitely more satisfying being able to write code and refresh a browser than having to update an emulator (even if it’s as easy as CMD+R) and don’t forget that it’s so much easier to send a link to a web-based proof of concept than getting someone to install an app on their phone. Anyways, that’s just me ranting about how much I prefer being a web dev over a mobile dev. Back to the topic at hand, go check out React Native v0.25.1 and make something awesome.