React Native v0.29.0 Released

React Native

Been a little slow to announce updates, so I’ll try to be better. V0.29.0 is a pretty big update from the React Native team. A ton of iOS and Android fixes/updates, here are some of the breaking updates:

  • Kill NavigationReducers (3a8b50a) – @hedgerwang
  • NavigationExperimental – Clean up NavigationStateUtils (67002e8) – @hedgerwang
    • Remove the logic that lets NavigationStateUtils accept empty value as input and return a new state.
    • Remove the method NavigationStateUtils.getParent, NavigationStateUtils.set.
  • NavigationExperimental – Remove prop onNavigate (fb0007d) – @hedgerwang
  • NavigationExperimental – Define the generic render prop for NavigationTransitioner to render scenes (3a62314) – @hedgerwang

Check out the full release notes here.