Save 45% or $27 on Samsung 64GB EVO Class 10 Micro SDXC

Samsung 64GB Micro SDXC

I was pretty excited when I saw this deal for a Samsung 64GB Micro SDXC – I actually ordered a card for my Raspberry Pi. I don’t think I’ve seen a better deal on a 64GB micro SDXC card. I’m not sure how long this deal will last, but I definitely recommend getting this while you can. Yesterday’s deal for a 32GB micro SD card was for $18 so at $33, this is less than double the price for twice the memory which is usually a premium to get more memory in the same form factor. And all that techy talk means this is a great deal. And at a Class 10, this card is fast… and if you don’t believe me, here’s the review from someone who already has it:

This is a very fast card, particularly suited to not only transferring files quickly but also running as a phone or tablet card for applications as well.

In phones and tablets one of the most important things is not just the transfer speed but also the IOPs that the card can deliver. Many class 10 cards have great transfer speeds but terrible and I mean terrible IOPs, often a 5 year old card easily out performs them in IOPs.

This card delivers in both areas, fast class 10 transfer speeds 23mb read, 15mb write but also 482 write IOPs and 1668 read IOPs.

That's IOP speeds that are slower than an SSD but way faster than a hard disk. Bare in mind that some class 10 cards give 4 write IOPs and you can see why I'm impressed. The only card I have seen outperform it in IOPs it the SanDisk Extreme Pro and they are seriously expensive and not available in 64gb. Testing against the third SanDisk I have, a 32gb ultra, is almost funny as the ultra only gives 15 write IOPs under the same conditions, making this card 30 times faster.

What does this mean for normal use, well it translates into an excellent general purpose card, that even if it doesn't have the official fastest transfer speeds will actually perform much better in the real world. Which is why its getting such rave reviews on here for speed (so long as you get a genuine one!)

This was tested in my Dell Venue 8 tablet using the built in card reader. For the techies (if you've got this far then I assume you are)I am actually using it to run Server 2012 virtual machines in VMWare workstation and the performance is surprisingly good, I would even call it snappy!

Full Crystalmark disk scores below.

Sequential read 23.66mbs write 16.03 mbps
512kb random read 23.25mbs write 15.67 mbps
4k random read 6.40mbps write 1.850 mbps
4k random qd32 6.65mbs write 1.92 mbps

Parameters 5 iterations 1000mb sample size.

Tested on the 64gb Samsung Evo microsdhc.

And as always, here’s my plug for SetSocial which is where I found this deal.