Save 23% or $23 on the Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

And today, our friends at SetSocial have analyzed the top items in the electronics department and have found a great deal on the Roku 3 Streaming Media Player saving you 23% (or $23) off the original price. These are great devices that let you stream your own media from almost any source or stream from one of the content providers like Apple iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, etc. – there’s really too many to name. And that’s my personal opinion on these things, from the reviews, here’s one of the most helpful reviews:

For anyone new to the Roku world, I would recommend the Roku 3 over any other previous models mainly on it being so much faster to operate. If 'cost' is an issue and 720p only is not a bother then the LT should be a great pick for half the price.

True for all Roku models: there's an enormous amount of channels to choose from, including most popular ones. And if there's something that you can't find in the official store you can always check the private channel listings (I included the URL of my favorite site) which is where I found things such as streaming CNN, CNN International and BBC World.

The streaming is exceptionally smooth. Quite impressive considering that I set this Roku on the second floor, some 60-70 ft. and two floors away from our Wi-Fi router located in the basement.

This model especially, due to the more powerful processor is easy to operate through Roku's very basic remote control.

Roku 3 and all Rokus are stable. I didn't have the Roku 3 for too long (will update) but my experience with a Roku LT was that it almost never crashes and I only had to manually reconnect to my Wi-Fi router once over a 6-months period.

The 'universal search' feature is quite amazing. You simply type in the name of a movie or show even an actor and you will see all you options on all channels and you will know in advance whether it's going to be free or exactly how much it was going to cost. On the Roku 3 all information appears almost instantly.

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