React v15.0.0 Announced


So you thought you were using the latest version of React with v0.14.7 – boy, were you wrong. Just kidding. Looks like the React team just announced that they will be skipping to v15.0.0 as part of the next release. While I’m confused by jumping to 15, I’m happy that they’re making it a major release version. At this point, I’m sure React is being used on quite a few sites, so it’s nice to see React move past the v0 build. I was also surprised by the poll they ran where it shows that almost 80% of people are on v0.14 – shows that JS devs love to be on the latest and greatest (which can sometimes be a bad thing). Anyways, the full blog post (which is light on details of what will be in v15) can be found here. As for me, I’m back to wrestling with the habits of writing ES5 but trying to train my brain to write ES6. Any advice or help on ways to do that, let me know.