React Native v0.20 Released and v0.21 Pre-Release

React Native

The React Native team has been busy lately getting v0.20 out and getting the v0.21 pre-release candidate out. The release notes are pretty long and there’s plenty of good updates. The v0.20 has the following new features:

  • Added an optional options parameter for WebSockets – 9b87e6c
  • Generalized image decoding and resizing logic – 21fcbbc
  • Make CameraRoll work with Promises – 9baff8f
  • Change the js signature to be Promise based and dynamically detect it used as a callback –747be0b
  • Use numeric identifiers when building a bundle – cb4fca3
  • Adding ETag handling to packager improves local development – 528e309
  • Added support for auto-resizing text fields – 481f560
  • Open source Android date and time pickers – 9a0539d
  • Add cross-platform Linking module – e33e6ab
  • Reimplement color processing – c8a0a3e
  • Cross platform status bar API – b979128
  • Use “babel-preset-react-native” – e6cb02d
  • Support non-image assets in packager – 81fb985
  • Added accessibility props for Touchables – c715302
  • Added accessibility props for Touchables #5346 33d8db5
  • Versioned documentation deployment 6f1417c, 7d7508e

And the v0.21 pre-release has the following new features:

  • Added NavigationExperimental a308546
  • Enable Hot Module Replacement e018aa3
  • Added ability to switch React Native version in documentation website 6c7991c 6c7991c
  • Replace String.prototype.contains with String.prototype.includes polyfill 2f73ad0 577206f
  • Make Chrome debugger faster 64d56f3
  • Added accessibility props for Touchables 33d8db5
  • Better warnings when running packager on Node < 4 e1f04bf
  • Expose option for distance filtering on location updates 109036b
  • Don’t automatically render more rows when dataSource updates d2ab6ca
  • Allows RefreshControl to be mounted with refreshing = true 3e1f1ea
  • Add support for number as colors 1c11276
  • Re-render the whole navigation bar while calling immediatelyResetRouteStack 7b57b5c
  • Support for back button in NavigationExperimental 7b2b0c3
  • Stop warning about using onWillFocus and onDidFocus 5ca9245
  • Let the module cache depend on transform options 727a2a9
  • Added deprecatedCallback helper 8eddead
  • Don’t show underlay if no press handlers e93afad
  • Return remover function when adding NetInfo listener 1c507e6
  • Added guide for getting started on Linux 2260d90
  • Use ES6 import instead of require in docs 3ae99d0
  • Packager: Remove unused support for asynchronous dependencies 7c03b16
  • Added two new apps to showcase (Choke and MyPED) 0f850b4 272096c

Lots of good stuff here – since I’m in the middle of a new app, I’m considering updating to v0.20 but I might just wait until it’s done and create a branch that I’ll upgrade.