React Native v0.40.0 Released

This is the first release with the new monthly cadence, so 0.40 is known as December 2016. The next version will be 0.41 - January 2017, and will be released at the end of the month.

Breaking Changes

iOS native headers moved

This change affects all native modules and application code on iOS that refer to react native .hfiles

After e1577df, Native code on iOS must refer to headers out of the react namespace. Previously the following would work:

#import "RCTUtils.h"

But now all headers have been moved:

#import <React/RCTUtils.h>

This means that all iOS native libraries need a major version bump for RN 0.40. We attempt to minimize changes of this magnitude, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

require(‘image!…’) no longer supported

Support for require('image!…'), which has been deprecated for a long time, is now removed. If you are still loading images that way in your apps, make sure to check the documentation for alternatives.

getTransformModuleOptions is removed

If you were having custom rn-cli.config.js in your app and for some reason, using getTransformModuleOptions, make sure to check @davidaurelio commit ca58e0a for details on the changes.



  • Fix WebView crash for links of unknown schemes (35e75c8) – @rigdern
  • Fix Overlay for Marshmallow 23+ (e335ca0) – @jpshelley
  • Stop silently failing for requires on Android (63eb4df) – @javache
  • Fix SamplingProfiler and HeapCapture for apps that lazy load react modules (d919eb7)
  • Call handleUpdateLayout even if the content didn’t change (fb23000) – @Kerumen

New features and enhancements

  • Add ability to specify main Activity in run-android (9fb520e) – @grabbou
  • Add disableExtractUI prop to TextInput on Android (1b870d2) – @rigdern
  • Add DatePicker mode configurations (eaccd7e) – @pandiaraj44
  • Enable apps to provide a custom configuration to Fresco (8b199a7) – @rigdern
  • Speed up EventEmitter emit() by ~50% (c4046d6) – @Venryx
  • Enable ad-hoc dependencies to be pre-downloaded (aac8daf) – @rigdern
  • Keep ScrollView content visible after edits (528a3c7) – @rigdern
  • Decrease cost of reflection (911c05a) – @rigdern
  • Update android gradle plugin version to 2.2.2 (3ee5c5b) – @raycohen
  • Expose Android’s includeFontPadding for Text (7b3e67d) – @benvium
  • Handle “Never Ask Again” in permissions and add requestMultiplePermissions (51efaab) – @cmcewen
  • Remove Jackson dependency (6fef014)
  • Remove REACT_HEADERS from RN BUCK file (9024998) – @javache
  • Implement onViewAppear by creating a new EventListener on ReactRootView listening for when it’s attached to a RN Instance (e06b8db) – @donyu



New features and enhancements



New features and enhancements