React Native v0.39.0 Released

React Native

Breaking changes

See this document for a complete list of breaking changes (three) and actions required.

General breaking changes

Android breaking changes

  • Move to new C-based implementation of css-layout in RN Android (d63ba47) – @astreet
  • Android: Fix inconsistency with fractional TextInput padding (aa85408) – @rigdern
  • Disable debug menu when monkey is running (9a8b5d9) – @rigdern

General bugfixes

General new features and enhancements

Android bugfixes

New Android features and enhancements

  • Expose setAllowUniversalAccessFromFileURLs in Android WebView (b6a38e8) – @locly
  • Update logging to support levels, print messages in Android logcat on assertion failures (a731a23) – @astreet
  • Proper NativeAnimated node invalidation on Android (6f5433f) – @ryangomba
  • Reduce overdraw layers by hiding cards when they are not visible (54beee2) – @rigdern
  • Expose Image’s onError event to JavaScript (e87e181) – @rigdern
  • Provide more info when image fails to load (d117f55) – @frantic

iOS bugfixes

  • Ensure notification payload is passed to completion handler (df6b8bd) – @npomfret

New iOS features and enhancements