React Native v0.21.0 Released

React Native v0.21.0

I’ve got to say this is probably one of the best images to go with a new release of software. But besides the amazing image, the real new is that React Native v0.21.0 is now available. Lots of new features, but I think the big one is for anyone who is working with Android, the latest update simplified the entire process but in doing so broke some stuff and if you want to upgrade to v0.21.0 and you’re working with Android, you should run:

react-native upgrade

I would recommend running this on a copy of your code before committing anything. I won’t include the full release notes here because they’re pretty long (great work by the team). I do like how they break up the updates into 3 major sections – general new features/bug fixes, Android new features/bug fixes and iOS new features and bug fixes. One feature that caught my eye is the use of ES6 import instead of require in the documentation. This is just interesting to me because at work we’re starting to move towards using ES6 as our standard. The transition has been a bit tough for me, but I’m starting to get the hang of it and not fall back to ES5. Anyways, update your apps and give the latest version a try. I’m still trying to find time to finish my current iOS app, let alone building an Android app – yes, I know I’m so behind.