React.js Fundamentals – Free Online Course on React

React.js Fundamentals

A nice free online tutorial for anyone interested in learning React. According to the comments on the Hacker News thread, Tyler is a great instructor and a cool guy to meet in-person. I liked how the first topics covered are some basic JS fundamentals like Array functions and using the “this” context – all things that can be a little tricky for someone relatively new to JS. And then the actual React topics look good as well, the basic of understanding JSX, unidirectional data flow, props vs state, lifecycle hooks, etc. – all things that will make someone who has used other JS frameworks fall in love with React. And then I see topics for React Router and Webpack which are also super useful. the only topic not covered is Flux/Redux – which I can understand not being in the first course because you really need a good understanding of React before you dive into something like Redux. React Router itself will be challenging enough with the JSX syntax and how things are “magically” passed into the components. I’ll be sharing this with some friends who have asked how they should get started with React.