NPM Discover


I saw this over on Hacker News and thought it was really cool and interesting. I’m not exactly sure how useful it is, but as someone who spends a lot of time looking for NPM modules and then comparing multiple packages that do the same thing, anything that shows me modules by popularity is helpful. In some ways, I would rather have a list that shows me all the packages that do the same thing (which I know isn’t easy to figure out) and shows me which ones are actively maintained, has the most GitHub stars and compatibility (this last one has bitten me a couple times recently). Anyways, props to the author of NPM Discover – but I did find one weird result. Do a search for “react-router” but before looking at the results, what percentage of projects do you think should would have react? My guess would have 100% – but I was wrong, so the result may surprise you.