Node v6.6.0 Released


Node just released v6.6.0 and you can upgrade from v6.5.0. Updates are becoming pretty frequent since v6.5.0 was just released Aug 29th so less than a month ago. No major breaking changes and no major bug fixes – looks like mostly enhancements and additional functionality. Notable changes are:

  • crypto: Added crypto.timingSafeEqual(). (not-an-aardvark) #8304
  • events: Made the “max event listeners” memory leak warning more accessible. (Anna Henningsen) #8298
  • promises: Unhandled rejections now emit a process warning after the first tick. (Benjamin Gruenbaum) #8223
  • repl: Added auto alignment for .editor mode. (Prince J Wesley) #8241
  • util: Some functionality has been added to util.inspect():
    • Returning this from a custom inspect function now works. (Anna Henningsen) #8174
    • Added support for Symbol-based custom inspection methods. (Anna Henningsen) #8174

I’m happy to see the updates coming out and hopefully everyone has already upgraded from v4 to v6 so we can start focusing on v6 going forward. Go start upgrading.