Angular 2.0 Final Release

Angular 2.0

Angular 2.0 is out of beta and is officially “final” – and yes, I didn’t know what “final” meant either. So from official post, here is what final means:

What does “final” mean? Stability that’s been validated across a wide range of use cases, and a framework that’s been optimized for developer productivity, small payload size, and performance. With ahead-of-time compilation and built-in lazy-loading, we’ve made sure that you can deploy the fastest, smallest applications across the browser, desktop, and mobile environments. This release also represents huge improvements to developer productivity with the Angular CLI and styleguide.

I haven’t looked at Angular in a while. The last time I built anything with Angular, 2.0 wasn’t even announced. The performance improvements look good (can’t wait until someone does some benchmarking). And the components look interesting, similar to React actually. Guess I have something else to add to my to-do list.