My React Starter Kit: react-webpack-sample

React Webpack Boilerplate

So there are plenty of boilerplates and starter kits out there for React (and the plethora of add-on libraries). So I could have gone through one of the many lists to try out each boilerplate and see if I could get it deployed to my dokku server. That probably would have taken me a week or a month to get through all of them. So instead, I started putting together my own boilerplate. And while I wish I could say that I made this for others to use, I built it because I wanted something that I completely understood (since I made it) and it would be an easy starting point for future projects where I wouldn’t have to worry about breaking changes or new syntax/libraries that I would have to figure out. But if others did use this boilerplate, I would be super happy about it.

So, what kind of boilerplate did I make – it has the usual… react, webpack, hot-reload, react-router and universal rendering (aka isomorphic/server-side rendering). It has some other nice features like static routes for APIs and support for multiple environments. And I can also say that it deploys to dokku seamlessly. You can this boilerplate running live on

So if you’re still reading this and really want to go check out the project, go to react-webpack-sample.