Introducing AddThis Pro

AddThis ProHere is a snippet from my blog post on introducing AddThis Pro…

Have you asked your customers what they want from you? The answers might just surprise you, or in my case, completely change my outlook. After the launch of Smart Layers, the team here spent a lot of time brainstorming ideas on what to build next. We had all kinds of ideas, including one about starting a mobile-run pizza food truck.

Luckily for everyone, we then did some surveys and talked to bloggers (special thanks to Julie from Table for Two), news sites, brand sites, and even some e-commerce sites. Among the feature-specific feedback, we heard a resounding “give us more AddThis.” That meant more social tools, more recommendation tools, and more control over the tools. But most importantly, they asked us to “make it simple.” That’s the foundation of AddThis Pro.

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