Great Tutorial on React and Flux


As I’m trying to become more familiar with Flux, I found some bad tutorials (extremely complicated, not easy to follow, and even when I got through it, I still didn’t have a clue the difference between a dispatcher and a store).  But luckily, I then found a pretty simple and concise tutorial that did a great job of walking me through a Flux app.  I’m still not exactly sold on Flux and how/when to use it.  Perhaps for extremely complicated apps, it makes a lot of sense, but for a lot of the simple prototypes and feature apps I like to do, React by itself works just fine without any of the complicated overhead of Flux.  Well, without any further delay, here’s the tutorial, I hope you find it as useful as I did:

Creating a Simple Shopping Cart with React.js and Flux

I’m hoping to now build my own app with Flux to I can try to solidify what I learned, so hopefully the next post will include a quick example of a Flux/React app.  Good luck and enjoy the rest of the weekend.