Facebook Drops Bing Search Results


So a bunch of news outlets have been reporting that Facebook stopped showing Bing search results and the following things popped into my head:

  1. Facebook has realized what the rest of the Internet has known for years and decided to stop showing inferior search results
  2. Do people actually use Facebook to search for things besides people that they want to dig dirt on or funny cat videos they remember seeing previously?
  3. When will I start seeing ads in the search results – sponsored search results 🙂

In either case, not really note-worthy and definitely not front-page news, but I guess tech news has been slow lately. And of course, I’m just perpetuating the focus on such un-note-worthy news by publishing this, but at least I don’t consider myself a journalist.

And on the brighter side of things, I’ll be looking into Flux soon, so hopefully I’ll have a write-up on my feelings about it.