DJI Mavic Pro Now Available for Pre-order $999

DJI just announced their answer to the GoPro Karma and it’s smaller with more features but also costs more. I really like how the Mavic has a vision system that can track people (and animals apparently). Based on the teaser video, I like the compactness of the Mavic and its controller. It’s not pocketable, but it looks like it could fit into an existing bag and not requires a special carrying case like the Karma. I think another big selling point will be DJI’s experience with drones compared to GoPro’s late entry into the crowded market. Take a look at the review from TechCrunch:

I think overall I would pick the Mavic over the Karma. The features, extra compactness and DJI backing make the price increase worth it. I guess this means that my bank account will be $1k lighter in the near future.