GoPro Karma Drone Unveiled and only $799

I think everyone has been wondering when GoPro would release a drone so this is definitely not a huge surprise. I will say the collapsible design looks nice and makes it far easier to carry around than other drones. I’m not sure how the front-mounted camera will do compared to the gimbal mounted cameras on the bottom of most drones but I’m sure there will be plenty of footage to compare. I’m also curious about the durability of the drone since GoPro is known for making pretty durable cameras so I’m hoping their drone is also top-notch. The price tag is definitely on the high side – especially considering the $799 doesn’t include a camera (GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 4 models are compatible). But a high price tag might mean this drone is actually a step above the others and it might be worth of my hard-earned money.

Definitely check out the video to see for yourself. And then answer the most important question: buy or wait?