Titanfall Review – Mechs and the City

TitanfallMany games claim to be the most anticipated release of their given year, but very few have a justifiable reason for making such lofty boasts. Titanfall is one of the rarities, backed as it is by a hype train of almost ludicrous proportions. Thanks to savvy marketing and the giddy drooling of videogame media, Respawn Entertainment’s debut shooter is swaggering onto the scene with the kind of presumptuous goodwill usually reserved for more venerable franchises.

Of course, the big question needs answering – does Titanfall live up to the hype? In a word, no. No it does not. How could it? This game has been called exemplary, untouchable, even revolutionary. Expectations have been built so high as to be unrealistic, and I can quite safely say that, no, you should not believe the hype.

That said, just because a game fails to live up to the sheer fantasy that has been erected in its pre-release build, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a damn fine game…

The Escapist