Startup with Google


Google has a new resource for anyone wanting to start a startup and it’s called Startup with Google. It targets founders and ranges from technical topics to best practices and even helps connect founders with accelerators and local events. Most of the resources focus on promoting Google services such as Android, Google Play, Google Analytics, Google Cloud, G Suite, AdWords, TensorFlow, etc. This is truly a pitch for startups to jump on the Google train and leverage as many Google services as possible. For some startups, this will make sense, but everyone should evaluate their needs before deciding to dive head first.

I like what Google is trying to do here. While it is self-promotion, it acts as a guide for startups. It would be nice to see this evolve and potentially include a logged-in experience for startups to register and be connected with organizations or other professionals. Right now, it’s basically a pretty collection of links. But, as Google states:

You’re out in front, we’ve got your back