Robots, Violence and the 80s – RoboCop is Back

RobocopSo this definitely isn’t tech related… well, this could be our future… so maybe it is tech related, just not my normal analysis/op-ed of a new emerging/popular technology.  Anyways, if you were alive in the 80s, you probably saw one of the RoboCop movies – if my memory serves me, there were 3 movies back then.  The first one was the best, the second one was super violent and the third one was awful, but it did have RoboCop flying around with a machine gun for a hand fighting samurai cyborgs (okay, that sounds pretty awesome actually).  So I’m definitely excited for another RoboCop movie and RoboCop himself looks bad-ass and the previews also show him on motorcycle, so whats not to love.  It also seems like they made RoboCop much more nimble and not quite as stiff as the original movies, so I’m hoping for better action sequences, maybe more akin to Iron Man.  Now that I think about it, RoboCop is the less cocky and more tragic version of Iron Man.  RoboCop isn’t a rich playboy, he can’t take off his suit and hook up with models and he’s truly self-less and only serves the people.  But on the other hand, Tony Stark is a super genius nerd, so I do relate with the nerd aspect more than a self-less cop.  And these days, the media is more likely to promote a self-made genius nerd turned billionaire and criticize crooked cops abusing the system.  But I’m starting to go from talking about what will hopefully be a great movie with lots of action and special effects to an editorial on the media and their portrayal of certain working class/groups.  So basically what I’m saying is that I can’t wait to see this movie.  I might even be willing to cough up the ridiculous amount to see a movie these days.