React Native FBSDK v0.1.0-alpha Pre-release


So I wasn’t even aware that this existed, but after reading about it, I’m surprised I didn’t come across this sooner. I’ve been using Fabric and I even tried using the built-in Twitter login, but as we all know, no one really uses Twitter to login to apps. At my last company when we introduced social-login, we saw basically almost a 50/50 split between FB and Google and just a couple percent for Twitter. So I’m excited to try out FBSDK to integrate FB login in my next app. Over time, I’ve moved away from implementing my own login system and if possible, just leverage OAuth through a trusted source like FB or Google. And, it was great to hear that the new version of FBSDK adds support for Android. Oh, and the part that I was surprised to see is that this is provided by the Facebook team, also a little surprised that this hasn’t received more attention. I would have thought this would be sold side-by-side with React Native so that every app has built-in FB integration. I’ll post my experience next time.

From the README directly:

React Native FBSDK is a wrapper around the iOS Facebook SDK, allowing for Facebook integration in React Native apps. Access to native components, from login to sharing, is provided entirely through documented JavaScript modules so you never have to call a single native function directly.