Lyft Android SDK and Lyft Button

Lyft Android SDK

Just came across this announcement from the Lyft development team and was pretty impressed (although I wish it was for iOS instead of Android). I really like the idea of companies providing SDKs like this where as an app developer, I can actually leverage this SDK to provide useful functionality to my users, monetize my users and help a startup I actually respect grow their users and drive business. And the company gets to benefit by extending their reach through app developers which is a win/win. This is actually a really geniusĀ idea in my opinion. I could imagine other blank-as-a-service startups provide similar SDKs so that more app developers can help grow their user base. It’s probably just ridiculous enough to work but I was thinking of a Pokemon Go app that would identify rare pokemon and determine if you could get there via Lyft in time before it vanished. If you build it, make sure to give me some credit. Okay, not sure if I’ll actually end up using this (at least I’ll wait until there’s an iOS SDK) but if I do, I would probably build a React Native wrapper around it (or if the Lyft platform team is reading this, go ahead and just build a React Native plugin for everyone). Happy hacking.