Google Chromecast

So I’ve been looking at the Google Chromecast for a while now… almost pulled the trigger when it was initially released. The only reason I don’t have one plugged into my TV right now is that I already have something plugged into every TV in the house. I have a PS3, Wii, XBox 360, Chromebox and occasionally a laptop or tablet. Oh, and I did have the RaspberryPi running as an XMBC server for a while as well. So I couldn’t really convince myself that I needed yet another device. On the other hand, a few of my friends have gotten these and they seem pretty happy so far. The only complaints I’ve heard is that it does take a while for it load and there is a noticeable lag when loading up Netflix compared to going through the XBox or PS3. Seems pretty cool and being able to control it from your phone is a nice touch (I can also do that with my RaspberryPi). So if you’re thinking about getting one or already have one, let me know why or why not on Twitter.