Deco – a React Native IDE


Just saw this on Hacker News¬†– this is really promising and gives me hope that React Native will actually stick around and not be “fad” that’s gone within a year. I’m curious to try out Deco since I’ve been pretty content with just using Atom. I’m not sure if the other features are really worth it to me – the registry is a nice idea, but unless it’s more comprehensive (which isn’t really possible) than NPM or significantly easier to use/discover components, the current Google/GitHub workflow is fine for me. I will say that after deploying a React Native app to the App Store, the real help I would like is how to easily sign/build the APK and then generate all the necessary assets (splash scree, home screen, etc.) for the different screen sizes. There are probably libraries/scripts that do this, but it would be nice if it was all bundled into a single solution. But back to Deco, I signed up for the beta and will give it a try.