Bigger Screen + iPhone = Who Cares

iPhone 6So looking at my news feed (here, here, here, and even more here), you would think the concept of making a phone with a bigger screen is some new revelation that no one had ever thought about.  I’m hoping that the real reason this is somehow considered “news” is because no one else is doing anything interesting. I think that makes a lot more sense than people actually getting excited by the concept of an iPhone with a bigger screen.  Wasn’t the extra row of icons Apple gave you with the iPhone 5 enough?  You people are just greedy.  Come on, Apple is a tiny mom-and-pop shop with limited funds trying to make you all happy.  It’s not like they purposely hold back features to get you guys to buy a new phone less than a year after you just bought one.  And it’s not like there are other phones out there with a bigger screen, so you can’t just walk into a store (or order one online) – you’ll just have to wait until the generous people at Apple get around to making a phone with a bigger screen.  Because ultimately, that’s what the iPhone needs… end sarcasm…

I wonder if I’m the only one that is pretty disillusioned with Apple lately.  I switched to my Moto X (mostly because of Google Glass) and I haven’t missed my iPhone at all.  I know some people think switching would be tough, but it took virtually no time at all and there hasn’t been anything that I’ve missed.  I will say that I had to re-train myself to know where things were like where to change notification settings or getting used to having a back button (which is super nice in my opinion).  But otherwise, it wasn’t a big deal leaving the Apple world behind and going back to Google.  I know they just did a report where Apple has something like 50-60% of the US market, but I’m hoping things change because I just don’t understand why everyone likes Apple so much.

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