Apple MacBook Pro w/ Retina Update

So I have been looking (aka drooling) over a new MacBook for a while.  I was mainly focusing on the MacBook air for a while, but ever since the Pro came out with the retina display, it was getting harder to decide between the two.  This latest refresh from Apple is very tempting since they have decreased the price.  I like the new price, but I’m not crazy about the decreased memory on the base-model, only 4GB vs. 8GB previously.  I think if I were to get one, I would go with the 8GB which would basically bump the price back up to its original pre-update price.  And truthfully, MacBooks have always been pricey no matter the configuration, so saving a couple hundred isn’t really much of a saving if you consider how much you’re paying.  And then there is the Air which is still a decent solution and the price for the 13″ model is pretty reasonable – in some ways, hard to justify the extra cost of the Retina.  Anyways, I still have my trusty MacBook Pro 15″ that’s working just fine but feels a little slow (totally in my head) and a little old (compared to the new ones of course).