Anyone can get a pair of Google Glass on Tax day

free_glassThis is kind of interesting – I’m not exactly sure what to make of Google’s decision to make Glass available for a single day to everyone (yes, there are certain qualifications like being able to afford a $1500 piece of tech and being in the US).  But this kind of feels like a liquidation sale where you try to get rid of something.  But this could also be a way to get non-devs and non-tech folks to give Glass a try (so it lets a few more people jump in the pool).  At this point, I’m not sure there’s a lot of people who want Glass (and meet the qualifications) that haven’t gotten an invite.  Come on, if I can find someone to give me an invite and I couldn’t even use up all the invites I had, I think anyone who wanted a pair already has a pair.  In any case, it’s an interesting marketing/PR move, but I don’t think it helps the Glass movement much.  Mine is still sitting on my desk waiting for me to play with it.


There are countless reviews and critiques arguing that Google Glass is far from ready for the consumer mass market yet. But the Internet giant is going ahead with the digitized headset anyway — at least for one day only.

After being scooped earlier on Thursday, Google came clean that it would be making Glass available for purchase to anyone (but not quite everyone) on Tuesday, April 15. The timing couldn’t be better for those looking to blow their tax refunds.

Up until now, Glass has only been available to developers and other industry insiders via the Google Glass Explorer Program, which started taking applicants as far back as Google I/O in 2012 when Glass was first unveiled.

Since then, the program has slowly opened up by allowing existing members to invite colleagues and friends to throw down $1,500 (plus tax) for prototypes of their own. The Android maker also let in another pool of interested beta testers through promotions on Google+. (See: #ifihadglass.)

Google is still keeping the lid on the Glass Explorer program, albeit slightly ajar. Anyone interested in joining the Explorer program (and willing to pay the aforementioned hefty fee) can sign up starting at 6AM PDT on April 15.

Without offering a specific figure, Google warned that there are only a “limited” number of spots available.

Another catch: The program continues to remain only available in the United States.