Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

A little late at posting, but still, another really cool trailer – this summer is shaping up to have some great movies coming out. The action scenes looked amazing and I did like the cast from the first movie. Not sure if the sequel will be as good as the first, but hopefully it’s not a complete bomb. Anyways, I really wish going to the movie theater wasn’t ridiculously over-priced.  But enough of me ranting.

cdnjs – the missing cdn

I wish I had known about cdnjs during my last hackathon, it would have saved me from having to either download the js libraries I needed and host them myself or find them individually hosted by someone else.  With cdnjs, I’ve found every library I’ve needed such a jQuery, backbone.js, underscore.js, jQuery Mobile, etc. So definitely give it a try and next time you’re looking for a library, use cdnjs – hopefully, the more people that use it, the more browsers it will be cached on.  Happy Hacking…

Google Chromebook Pixel

Google is on a roll this week and there marketing team keeps pumping out press releases.  The Chromebook Pixel is a super-charged version of the standard Chromebook which runs Chrome OS.  The biggest difference between the two is probably the price – the original goes for $249 and the Pixel goes for $1299.  That 500% increase gets your the usual upgrades likes a faster processor, more memory, more hard drive space and a bigger screen, but it also gets you a touch-enabled screen and a screen with more pixels (and this is why it’s called the Pixel) than the Mac Retina displays.  So my personal feelings are that I completely support a touch screen on a laptop, the Pixel looks amazing and Chrome OS is a fast and simple OS.  But for the same price as a Macbook Air, it’s hard to say that this is a better alternative.  The original Chromebook for $249 is a great combination of hardware, simplicity and a fast OS at a very attractive price.  But hopefully this isn’t the last Chromebook we’ll see from Google, so I’m hoping we’ll see something as nice but at a lower price point in the future.  Let’s see how it sells…

Chromebook Pixel


This is a great campaign by Google to find people who will evangelize the Google Glass product.  It’s basically a huge marketing campaign considering the fact that people still have to pay to get a Google Glass ($1500 according to the site – not really an insignificant amount of money to anyone) and you have to attend a special session in NY, SF or LA.  But still, a great way to build buzz around a product that hasn’t launched, find people on social media who will evangelize for you and get people to brainstorm and tell you what they want your product to do.  As for my idea:

#IfIHadGlass I would make a MMORPG that let’s you go on a quest with people from around the world by walking down the street (or you can play while sitting on the couch – your choice).  Players who are actually moving will get extra bonuses to encourage physical activity while playing.  Using Glass to add a virtual world on top of the real world would allow for virtual items as well as allowing users to alter their appearance (at least how others would perceive you).

This site is hosted on – I have been using them for a couple months and I have been extremely happy with them.  My sites are fast and I haven’t had any down-time with them (which is more than I can say about my previous hosting provider).  I access my sites over SSH and can configure/modify just about everything no matter where I am.  And the best part is that they are super affordable.  I pay just $3.95 a month and can host an unlimited number of domains and get unlimited bandwidth.  I can also host PHP sites (like this WordPress blog) or Ruby on Rails web apps.  If you’re thinking about hosting a website or looking for a new hosting provider, I would definitely recommend using